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    Hi there, /r/polandarrowers. You're probably thinking that this is the most insubordinate piece of junk you've ever seen, right? I mean, you already have all the rules and wiki info you could have ever wanted, amirite? Welp, here's some statements to you.

    To the casuals - 

    You are surrounded by a place that's very much dedicated to producing quality content. You can use that to your advantage by giving it, not keeping it there for it to fester and become egomaniacism. There is no need to defend your sub's honor, contrary to NotDeservingPrivilage's beliefs.

    If you want to provide information based on the subreddit, then you can do that here. We're always looking for more information about Polandarrow, and /r/polandarrow is but one source. You …

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  • Squirrel719


    October 15, 2015 by Squirrel719

    Welcome to the Polandarrow wiki!

    Here is a list of irregular countries:

    • Polandarrow is upside down and has a grey top
    • Israel is a mouse, Why? JEWISH PHYSICS
    • Kazakhstan is a hexagon because Kazakhstan can into HEX
    • Fourth Reich is a ring.
    • Singapore and Burmuda are normal balls (The only ones that can be drawn without tools)
    • USA is a short and fat arrow wearing sunglasses
    • UK wears a monocle and tophat
    • Chile is a long and thin arrow
    • Belarus is a potato that Latvia likes to eat
    • Ukraine is sometimes an arrow but Poland frequently turns him into an apple.
    • Nepal is a rawrarrow, which looks like a nepal being with a reflected one the other way
    • Alaska can sometimes turn into a bear
    • Panama is divided into 2 vertically
    • Buckinghamshire is a disc because the Polandbal…
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